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YPC is a powerful tool for making long-lasting connections, building business, and creating relationships.

Build your own Personal Referral Community (PRC) and explode your business. YPC is the only network designed for business professionals and consumers that helps you drive business, referrals and sales. YPC gives the power of connection and networking. Quickly share your business profile in a digital format along with a small pitch about your business and custom notes such as the way YOU can help your prospect! Yes, you guessed it, this too is a FREE service.

YPC is built and supported by SaverKey, a company focused on creating quality relationships between individuals and their favorite businesses. We cultivate love, trust, and quality. Our members are our number one priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You always need a “Default Profile” in the YPC App. When someone looks you up by your mobile phone number, the system doesn’t know “which profile” to show them. The Default Profile is how the system determines what you want someone to see.

YPC has a special public directory that is available for all members. In order to be listed in the Public Directory, you must publish your profile. Once published, YPC will review the content for obscenities and approve or deny the listing. Once approved, your profile is available nationwide on the YPC platform.

Sometimes, you will want a profile that helps to protect certain pieces of information. Each profile has its own Privacy Settings. This is where you choose your preferences for the visibility of your mobile phone number, email address and mailing address. If you choose to hide your email address, for example, it will not be shown in any public listing. You can override a hidden setting on a case by case basis when you connect to an individual that you trust.

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