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The Wealth Network will help millions of people improve their financial status, quality of life, and overall happiness through the power of cooperation and strategy. We will do this by creating resources, teams, educators, strategies, and systems to help our members grow.
There is not a single reason that every person alive cannot live a better and more enriched life. All that is needed is a minor shift in understanding and education - a way to shift the flow of cash from spending to accumulation, and continual growth. The Wealth Network is an entity organized to accomplish this shift. This, in turn, creates investors, wealth, and enriched lives. Ultimately, we will even form charities to help those who literally cannot help themselves.
As a community, we will have incredible strength, power, and influence. Each new member increases our force. Here are just a few of the ideas that will come to life as our member base grows and funds permit.
  • We can co-operatively start, fund, or operate any business.
  • We can create and cultivate ideas that can grow into trends.
  • Our sheer numbers can literally bring products and services to life with little to no initial marketing costs (i.e. our member base can serve as the initial market for many products and services).
  • We can employ leverage to help our members create cash flows that become new ways to invest.
  • We will engage a member-based think-tank where every member can contribute to new ideas for future business.
  • We will establish online educational seminars and educational events that would normally cost thousands of dollars per person to a fraction of the costs on a per-person basis.
  • We will create an internal job board that will help our members share a bit about themselves to help on new teams, ventures, and projects (providing another "ground floor" oppportunity).
The Wealth Network is a "Low-Profit" entity that dedicates the vast majority of all revenues to helping the community grow. Profits are specifically limited to 7% of revenues so that 93% is committed to helping the community grow while enriching the lives of every single member through education, strategy and team work. We will hire "inside" educators, and market specialists for the benefit of the entire community.
Membership in The Wealth Network improves our ability to help lift millions of people to new levels in their lives. Each new member helps to increase our revenue base, social power, and our ability to participate in bigger and better opportunities. To this end, we have a major commitment to advertising in every type of medium starting with Social Media as our first advertising medium. The more people we can get into our expanding network, the more people we can lift to a higher status in life.
The Wealth Network's core philosophy is to help everyone grow and improve their status in life. To accomplish this lofty goal, we will invest heavily in education and resources. We truly want to help every single individual whether they have a free membership or a paid membership. Thus, we have created a system that gives certain benefits and priorities to the members that help the company grow. There are four important elements of every membership. These four elements will be used to determine eligibility for various opportunities.
  • Member Start Date

    Every member has two different starting dates. The first is the date you become a member. The second is the date you become a VIP member.

  • Lifetime Points

    Every dollar that comes into The Wealth Network earns one point in our system. Lifetime points accrue continually for each dollar received.

  • Gold Points

    For every Lifetime Point, a member also earns a Gold Points. These points are different than Lifetime points because they can be used in different ways. Once a Gold Point is used, it is gone forever.

  • Relationship

    Every new member that comes into The Wealth Network is given a relationship to another member. For example, if Joe introduces The Wealth Network to Sally, Joe will own that relationship (regardless if he was a free member or a VIP member). Or, in another scenario, whenever our advertising establishes a new member, that person is assigned a relationship to one of our VIP members based upon all four elements just listed.

Various opportunities rely upon these four elements. For example, an event that might be limited to only 100 attendees, could use one or all of the first three parameters to determine eligibility. Selected VIP Members will always receive priority access to such event. As another example, some business opportunities are driven by relationship. Such opportunities will rely on VIP Status (points, start date, etc.) and the relationship element. In general, all limited access events or opportunities will rely upon these four elements to identify eligibility. Everything else that is open access may be shared with all members of any status.
  • FREE Membership

    That's it, a free membership. Free members get a membership start date and they can accumulate Gold Points when they help us grow.

  • VIP Membership - $97 per month

    VIP Members get a second start date for the VIP membership and they accumulate 100 Gold Points every renewal period.

Gold Points are a very special value in The Wealth Network - they are truly like "Gold." They can only be accumulated through the monthly membership or a specific promotional activity within the system. If a member doesn't have enough Gold Points available, and they want to attend an event or accelerate a given opportunity, they will not receive the same pricing nor terms as someone that has sufficent Gold Points.
Every member, free or paid, is encouraged to help spread the word about The Wealth Network with their unique web address. In this way, they can accumulate relationships regardless of membership level. In addition to the relationship, the referrer account is also credited with 50 Gold Points for each verified referral. This is the best way for free members to build value as they are helping us spread the word which saves on advertising expenses.
The Wealth Network is an education and marketing company. Even though we will help to coordinate opportunities, educational seminars, events, etc., we will never start a business directly nor will we head any type of investment in an effort to minimize legal responsibility. Instead, we may engage outside team(s) in cooperation with our in-house advisory counsel to ensure they are meeting the needs of our community. We do not manage your money, make investments on your behalf, give legal or professional advice, or any other such activity. We are simply here to meet the objective of helping millions of people find their way to a better life.
So, what are you waiting for? 50% of the world's wealth is held by a handful of individuals and it's time for us to work together to re-adjust the wealth of the world in a more fair and realistic manner. Rest assured that your membership fee will be working to help you have a better life.
The Wealth Network was just released in November, 2017. Our first goal is to build the membership to 100 members by the end of 2017 and we would love your help! As such, we will TRIPLE the Gold Points for every member that is an active VIP on 12/31/2017. This option is limited to the first 100 members that join before the end of the year.
Please join us as and let's work together to create an enriched community!

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